Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas Break, Days 11, 12, & 13

Tuesday I went to see The Life Acquatic With Steve Zissou. Amilynne summs it up best by saying it's like Bottlerocket: Little Boys playing at being grown-ups with jobs, and floundering about a lot, but really just playing. It was a lot of fun--especially all of the David Bowie songs in Portughese (Major Tom being the best-placed of them all). Afterward I got my new exercise bike. Which prompted a re-arranging of everything in my room to make a spot for it. Moving bookcases is slow work, especially because I took the time to rearrange the books into basic categories.
Wednesday I picked Thomas up at the airport and got him to help me put the bike together. I was going to do it myself until I opened the instruction manual and the first instruction was "While another person holds it up..." Hmph. So I enlisted help and got it put together.
Around this time Amilynne and I started having conversations something like this.
Me: I got a bike.
Amilynnne: It's not a bike, it has no wheels.
Me: It does have two pedals that cycle around.
Amilynne: It is not a bike. Quit calling it a bike. You are a liar.
Me: I'm not a liar. (Then, to piss her off...) I think I'll go make some s'mores.
Amilynne: S'mores?
Me: Yeah, but I think I'll use Fudgeshop cookies instead. (This brilliant idea is rightly attributed to Daryl, who made s'mores this way while camping, and I must say that it's better this way than with nasty grainy Hershey's chocolate.)
Amilynne: That's not s'mores. S'mores have chocolate bars and graham crackers. You're a liar.
Me: No, I'm toasting a marshmallow, and eating it with chocolate. It's s'mores.
(S'mores is a word that is not in the dictionary. Amilynne and I have both looked, I in my Webster's and she in her almighty Oxford American. Will someone tell me, please, why this word has been overlooked?)
Amilynne: You're a liar.
Me: Well, you claim you sell coffee, but it's really just milk. (Amilynne works for a certain Seattle-based coffee empire.)
Amilynne: Yeah, it's just milk. With a little coffee.
Me: Expensive milk with a little coffee. Yet it's supposedly coffee. You're a liar and a price gauger.
Amilynne: You're a liar.
Me: You're a liar.
And it disintigrates from there. I can't think of anything that can keep Amilynne busy for longer than an argument about semantics. There's something else she claims I lie about, but I can't think what it is at the moment, I'm sure it will come to me eventually.
Tonight I mixed Nutella with fondant to make some candy centers. At the outset of this break, I was sure that I would make chocolates, yet here it is, day 13, and none made yet. Blah. But I must say that the Nutella centers are glorious.

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Super Smart Genius said...

No, that is definitely not a s'more. And I would know, I'm a genius.