Friday, August 24, 2007

The Summer in Photos

Well, since I taught a class last night, the summer is really officially over. So here is a recap of the summer from the point of view of my camera lens. Enjoy.

1. Bumper cars. Here is a picture of the car belonging to the idiot who parallel parks worse than I do.

2. Signs. The grammar is horrid. To the writer of the first, I say no wonder they haven't fixed it yet. To the writer of the second, I forgive you, hooray for Idaho.

3. Here is my sad car after the semi got to it. It doesn't look as scary as it felt:

4. This summer's praying mantis:

5. And the picture I got framed as a consolation prize for not going on vacation this summer. I did it more to protect the painting--it was in danger of having a corner bend off--than to show it off, but the frame is so great with it that I displaced some other stuff and hung it in the dining room.

Well, there it is, two months of deep breathing, and now the onslaught renews. Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Peach for Dinner

Tonight for dinner I had a peach that was so perfect it caused fireworks to go off at the base of my brain. The fuzziness from the fireworks explosions then wafted upward to surround my whole brain and right now it's settling into the most wonderful sense of wellbeing and awareness.