Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dino-Mighty Scary

The 50's are back! Bring out your biggest Cadillac! Or at least that's what it felt like when I caught this shirt while browsing birthday clothes for Junior. How scary that someone would actually make this shirt for sale today: are they intentionally trying to lobby for oil drilling in the arctic?
Here's the copy that went with:

Dino-mite! Give baby a stylish Stone-Age look with this cool dinosaur tee. Fun graphics and contrast stitching add prehistoric pizzazz. Features a rib-knit crew neck and cuffs. Tag-free for added comfort.
  • Canteen Green: graphic features a young caveboy riding a giant dinosaur on wheels, with "Fossil Fuel Motors Dino-Might Power!"
Yeah. Thanks, Old Navy. This one I'm going to pass up.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Barman

So the Kiddo got his results today: he passed the bar. We have a lawyer in the family. He gave me the news on his way to jail today. I could make a lawyer joke now but he would get mad at me. So I won't. It's his great day, after all.

He called himself the Barman. I told him that he gets to serve us drinks at Christmas whenever we're thirsty. I wonder if I can get him to serve up some peanuts and mozzarella sticks too. I would stuff a couple of dollars for him in a tip jar to keep him from calculating it as billable hours. Hmmmmm...... This might just work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now we just need some good contenders...

...for the Oscars. Hooray that they asked Jon Stewart to come back. Now if the movies are good, it will be a good show. Should I start planning the party?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Non ti scordar di me

What to say? I mean, I certainly am not letting the passing of Pavarotti go unnoted here, but this is just one of those times when words are inadequate and possibly do more harm than good. There aren't enough superlatives in all of the languages combined to describe his voice, his persona, or the impact he had on millions, myself included. Let's face it: Pavarotti was my first introduction to opera and to the Italian language (a beautiful and yet somewhat frustrating introduction at that--I distinctly remember when I was in second grade or so trying to follow along with the words on the dust cover of the album--they made no sense according to the spelling rules I knew at the time). So seeing him go makes me sad. The world needs more bounteous, joyful personalities like his.