Sunday, April 30, 2006


I'm ripping another picture off of the Kiddo's website. This one cracked me up.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Because I'm still in Junior High

I have not changed at all. I am essentially the same teenager I have always been.

I've added two new albums to my collection this week: Future Retro (Great Alternative Anthems of the 80's Souped Up With Dance Beats) (e.g. Crystal Method does Bizarre Love Triangle) and Morrissey's new Ringleader of the Tormentors. And I have to say that both are very good. No one can orchestrate an opening like Morrissey can, no one at all.

On top of that, I have worked late late late this week, and how do I keep going? Just a simple mix of Morrissey and Midnight Oil, please. (Dear reader, you do know that Blue Sky Mining is Midnight Oil's greatest album, followed closely by Earth and Sun and Moon? They're not just Beds are Burning, no, no, no.) Since we're doing finest albums, Morrissey's is, of course, Viva Hate.

(Earth and Sun and Moon is so good on headphones walking through a forest.)

Which begs a discussion on picking favorites. Is the favorite the song you hear first off, identify with, and claim, love at first sight, whole-hearted and blindly? Or is the favorite the song that etches itself slowly into your soul, hook by hook, riff by riff, until it is part of the fabric of your soul and tearing it out would cause a loss of self?

Are we talking about love now? or worship? Do we leave particles of our souls with the things we love in exchange for the memories? I once worked for a man who owned a very nice shop, and he claimed that if you go into a store, and find something you like, and pick it up and walk around with it, feeling it and adoring it, and then put it back, someone will come find it and buy it because of the piece of you that rubbed off on it. Interesting, but when I think of the things I put back and regret having put back (the jewelrey box in Genova, for starters) I wonder if what I'm missing is the piece of me that stayed with it when I walked away.

How much worse to leave our friends! Our favorites! The ones to whom we have given large chunks of our souls (please don't lose them), who finish our thoughts and travel our same paths not nearly long enough --

And so we capture what we can: photographs, songs; and we write notes and letters; and all the while it's more of our souls that we are leaving on these treasures -

And our yearbooks say "Stay Sweet!" and "Friends Forever!"

And somewhere we are. Because they are in us and we are in them,

because we're still in junior high.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Worst Driver On Earth

On my way to the bank yesterday, I saw first-hand what happens when the biggest idiot in the world gets behind the wheel of a car. I was at a light waiting for opposing traffic to clear so I could make a left-hand turn, when suddenly this little car zips completely around me and makes a U-turn. I had to slam on the breaks. Since I was in the turning lane, it means that this guy entered the intersection from a "go straight only" lane, but instead he took the whole intersection as his own and zoomed completely around me. My heart stopped as he roared into my view (I had been watching oncoming traffic looking for an opportunity to turn). I slammed on the horn, but it took just a second as I registered the shock, so he was already driving away and probably didn't see me flip him off.
The diagram of what happened is above. I am the cute gold car, my path is in blue, because I stayed so relatively calm throughout the experience. (HA! But at least I was cool enough that I didn't plow into him!) The idiot is driving the teal car. His path is hot pink because he thinks his driving makes him hot stuff. I think it makes him the world's biggest idiot.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This morning I actually woke up five minutes earlier than I did yesterday morning.

For anyone keeping track, that meant I woke up 55 minutes late. I can't believe this. I even set a third alarm this morning, and I still just didn't wake up. I WILL NEVER GET USED TO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!! On the bright side, though, I guess this means that my chances of dying peacefully in my sleep are probably higher since I won't wake up for whatever horror kills me.

My new look is barely dried hair and just a hint of mascara. If this continues, my new look will be pajamas.

Two notes on the bright side: 1. At least they hadn't yet marked my name with highlighter for being late when I signed in today. & 2. It was still light out when I left my class this evening. That was so nice. Like I hadn't ruined my whole night yet.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I swear, I've got to figure out a way to charge a VERY high interest rate on the hour that that government steals from us in the spring and gives back in the fall. My body did not get up this morning until the usual time--meaning one hour late--so wasn't everyone at school so happy to see me run in at 7:30. (SHAME ON ME!)

Can we please just pick a time zone and stay with it?

I sometimes get this feeling like I should saw off the top of my head and alleviate the pressure that has built up during the day. I need to go home and take a nap, but I also need to go home and finish my correcting because I have a small load of journals from my advanced classes that are due tomorrow, and it will take me all the time I have to get those done.