Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Worst Driver On Earth

On my way to the bank yesterday, I saw first-hand what happens when the biggest idiot in the world gets behind the wheel of a car. I was at a light waiting for opposing traffic to clear so I could make a left-hand turn, when suddenly this little car zips completely around me and makes a U-turn. I had to slam on the breaks. Since I was in the turning lane, it means that this guy entered the intersection from a "go straight only" lane, but instead he took the whole intersection as his own and zoomed completely around me. My heart stopped as he roared into my view (I had been watching oncoming traffic looking for an opportunity to turn). I slammed on the horn, but it took just a second as I registered the shock, so he was already driving away and probably didn't see me flip him off.
The diagram of what happened is above. I am the cute gold car, my path is in blue, because I stayed so relatively calm throughout the experience. (HA! But at least I was cool enough that I didn't plow into him!) The idiot is driving the teal car. His path is hot pink because he thinks his driving makes him hot stuff. I think it makes him the world's biggest idiot.


Amilynne said...

How did you do that? The diagram, I mean.

Melissa said...

I drew it. On Illustrator.

Amilynne said...

You're so cool...draw me next!