Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This morning I actually woke up five minutes earlier than I did yesterday morning.

For anyone keeping track, that meant I woke up 55 minutes late. I can't believe this. I even set a third alarm this morning, and I still just didn't wake up. I WILL NEVER GET USED TO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!! On the bright side, though, I guess this means that my chances of dying peacefully in my sleep are probably higher since I won't wake up for whatever horror kills me.

My new look is barely dried hair and just a hint of mascara. If this continues, my new look will be pajamas.

Two notes on the bright side: 1. At least they hadn't yet marked my name with highlighter for being late when I signed in today. & 2. It was still light out when I left my class this evening. That was so nice. Like I hadn't ruined my whole night yet.

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