Saturday, January 01, 2005

Christmas Break, Days 14 & 15

So with this I reach across two years...
I regret to say that I spent my last moments of 2004 at a dance. It was horrible and boring, and I even spent some time hiding in the bathroom just because being outside of the bathroom was such a boring prospect. I am swearing off church dances forever. They play stupid music, trying to play a bit of everything thereby screwing up any prospect of playing any danceable music, and I really don't remember the last time I met a new person at a dance because people come in with a crowd and stay with that crowd until they leave. The night would have been salvageable had I been invisible. I admit that the people watching at such a place is fascinating. There was one group I could have watched all night--beautiful people, the women in beautiful dresses and insanely capable in spike-heeled shoes, salsa dancing and having so much fun. (Yes, the dj had enough sense to play a salsa music segment, which was fun and very danceable.) Unfortunately people tend to notice if someone they know is sitting and watching the dancing for too long, and they come over with pity, slightly annoyed, to try to pull the watcher back onto the dance floor. So I hid in the bathroom to ease their discomfort and mine.
Let it not be feared that the trip was a total loss. The reason I actually went was to hang out with the girls in the car on the way there and the way back. Had a blast on the way there. Less so on the way back--I think people were pissed at me for being bored at the dance and didn't have much to say to me. Which is nutty because I went there knowing the dance itself would suck, I just wanted the journey. So I fell asleep for the first half of the trip back, then woke up and tried to trace my way back into the conversation. Who knows.
So anyway it's the new year. I spent the day in bed with a book, Eragon, quite engrossing and had I been wise I would have just stayed in bed with the book last night too.
A vile little nudging is worming its way back into my consciousness: I have to go back to school Monday. There is much yet to do to prepare, as I have done nothing toward that end in the past two weeks. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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