Sunday, January 16, 2005

Words from The Edge

Last night I had a dream that involved attending a U2 concert in an ampitheater. So in my dream, The Edge catches up with me. He is under the mistaken impression that I was stalking Adam Clayton. In reality, if I were a celebrity stalker, Adam Clayton is the last of the band that I would stalk. In my dream, I wisely kept from The Edge the fact that he would actually be the first on my list. So I didn't scare him off, and he started talking, and spouting words of wisdom that I wanted to keep, so I wrote them down on the dirt on the hill inside the ampitheater, while some kind of hunt and capture war went on in the background. Just as I was finishing, security chased the last few of us out of the ampitheater, but once back at wherever home was (some kind of tunnel world), I realized that I had to have those words, so I set off to break into the ampitheater, riding a high wave and dodging police helicopters as I went. Of course, security caught me as I got there, and I was just beginning to make progress in persuading them to let me go look for the words when the dream ended. It feels a bit like the Hitchhiker's Guide--somewhere in my cerebral landscape, the answer is written in the dirt, but I don't know that I'll pass that way again.

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