Sunday, January 02, 2005

Christmas Break, Day 16

If I could reach out with my mind and snap one thing in half, it would be the car horn of the person who comes to my apartment complex and honks and honks for someone to come out. I don't know who the honker or the honkee (not to be confused with honky) are, but I hate that horn. It comes at normal times, like now, a Sunday evening, but it also comes on holidays (like Christmas) and at times that should be peaceful, like early Saturday morning. It's an every-other-day occurrence at least, and the horn does not stop until the person comes out. A simple solution for this would be cell phones. The honker politely calls the honkee on the phone as he/she is approaching, and the honkee answers and says "I'll be right down" or "I'll be down in five minutes" or whatever, and if the honkee takes too long to come out, the honker can make a slightly irritated call to the honkee, but the peace is kept for the rest of the apartment complex, which would have no idea of what is going on, and could go on sleeping in on a Saturday morning.
School is back in session tomorrow and I still have lesson plans for the week to write. I hope I don't have to write any tests this week. I would just like a normal week of teaching to ease back into things. I've been reviewing in my mind what I thought I would accomplish over Christmas break and comparing it to the reality of what I've done:
1. Goal: Make chocolates. Result: Not done. Centers are ready for dipping, but we'll see when that happens.
2. Goal: Make caramels. Result: One batch, thought I would do more, but haven't. Still need to cut and wrap the one batch.
3. Goal: Clean house. Result: Sort of done. Christmas isn't put away yet, but I figure I can use Epiphany as an excuse--if I take stuff down by next weekend, I can just say I was celebrating that.
4. Goal: Lots of R&R. Result: Sort of done. I spent way too much time chasing around and shopping. Must shop less in the new year. This will involve learning to plan and make a list so I can make fewer trips to the store.
5. Goal: Go see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Ocean's Twelve. Result: complete.
6. Goal: Finish preparing for the PRAXIS test and make an appointment to take it. Result: not even touched. Must go ahead with the appointment making this week in spite of feeling unprepared for math section.
So here is what I did instead of finishing all of these goals:
1. Chasing around shopping. See above.
2. Rearranging bedroom to make room for exercise bike.
3. Lots of talking on the phone. I hope Amilynne's bill isn't sky high this month.
4. Other things as explained in other blog entries.
Well, I must make some lesson plans or pay the consequence tomorrow.

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