Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Break, Day 3

I worked hard today! I finished packaging packages, and did Christmas cards, and took the whole lot down to the post office. Living far from home is not cheap around the holidays. The post office lady kept looking at me like I was a loon for sending so much stuff, and I just said "It's the holidays, and this is the price you pay when you don't go home." C'est la vie. It wasn't even really the whole bunch--I'm waiting on one updated address and I'm still waiting on one thing that I ordered for Amilynne. These items might get shipped in August.

I did some surfing on epitonic and found a great new band called Bedroom Heroes, which I liked so much that I ordered their disc.

I also began the monumental task of cleaning my house. Ick.

I collapsed before 7:00, and slept until about 10-ish, then spent a couple of hours on the phone with Elizabeth and Amilynne, and made some fondant. The bad thing about having made good cooked fondant in the past is that I now expect good cooked fondant every time. It is very labor intensive, but the creaminess of the final product can't be matched by uncooked methods--no matter what, they turn out grainy. So there may be fewer chocolates, but they will be of a higher quality. I figure I'll need to make at least four more batches, plus carmels. It's busy, and all of the mixing and kneading is labor intensive, but it is relaxing to do something besides reading a textbook or correcting tests (although there is some of that to do on a later date as well).

Amilynne is reveling in the family-sized jar of Nutella she bought. She's eating it with vanilla wafers. I must say the combination sounds delightful.

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