Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas Break, Day 1

I spent the day wrapping presents and getting them ready for the mail. I know that wrapping presents shouldn't take the whole day, but each one must be considered in the light of which of the 500 wrapping papers I purchased for this year should go on each. I know that having a wrapping paper room is kind of a joke, but I need one.

Wrapping presents also took all day because I did it while watching movies: Mulan, Shakespeare in Love, and Maverick. All three are such good flicks, and worth multiple viewings, such as today, when I was in the middle of a package when the movie ended, I just hit play again. I watched some of the bonus material on Shakespeare in Love. For a long time, I proclaimed that that was my favorite movie. I really don't know what my favorite movie is, but that one is up there. Maverick is great too. First off--just the scenery is splendid. It makes me miss the Southwest a lot, since it was filmed around Kanab, Utah, and that's just a hop from Jacob Lake, where I spent two summers while I was in college. All of the red cliffs--it's really a beautiful part of the world. Second, the writing is just splendid and fun, and the great script is only matched by the fantastic cast. And don't we all want to be Jodie Foster in that fantastic blue dress?

Amilynne and I also spent some time on the phone. A lot of time on the phone. I am completely worried because the recent AT&T Wireless and Cingular merger almost certainly spells sudden death for my phone plan. Maybe it's time to start shopping around again.

Well, there are more presents to wrap, but tomorrow is another day.

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