Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas Break, Day 2

Today I did very little. I got up and popped in Rushmore and worked on the dishes and a bit of gift wrapping. Then I went to church. It was the Christmas program, the choir really sounded good, but I was cramming the last half of Ether because I had a feeling that I would be teaching Sunday School. You see, we alternate weeks, and I was talking to a friend and found out that a couple of weeks ago the guy who teaches opposite me was asking for volunteers to teach while he was gone for Christmas, but I just kind of felt like I should be ready to fill in. So I was cramming during the Christmas program.

Sure enough, Sunday School came and no one was ready to teach. I got up after a while--everyone was just visiting--and said "Is anyone teaching?" and no one said that they were, so I said I would wing it, and I did. The good thing is that I focused on chapter 12 (faith) and ignored chapter 15 (complete destruction), and there wasn't a ton of time, so I got through it without being reduced to tears.

I came home and wrapped more presents and talked on the phone. Filomena called me and it was so nice to talk with her! She is fantastic and patient with me when I speak Italian. I also talked with Alan and Dad, and Amilynne. Amilynne is busy reading The Best American Non-Required Reading of 2004. She called me in sheer delight, reading something to me about parent-child relations that was, in fact, delightful, but of which I forget the details at the moment. I also called Sara to confirm that there is no "h" in her name. There's not.

Tonight we had a Thunder/Snow storm. Thunder and lightning with snowfall, fantastically wierd. I think it's time to make a nice cup of tea and pop in a movie (maybe Mary Poppins?) while I finish wrapping gifts. I also need to get the annual Christmas letter written. Ho Ho Ho.

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