Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Break, Day 5

Well, I didn't manage to complete ANYTHING on my plate today. I got up early to take Thomas to the airport, and on the way home stopped off at the grocery store (I think it was so early that I was their first customer of the day) to buy some unsalted peanuts for making peanut clusters. I came home and did nothing--talked on the phone, but nothing--I wanted a nap but I wasn't quite tired enough. What a grumpy, cranky mood.
In the afternoon I used a free movie pass (free is good!) to go see Ocean's 12. Which was more of a fun character sketch than serious burglary planning like in Ocean's 11, but I found it delightful, and laughed out loud a lot. Sometimes it's splendid to go to a movie alone. It's like the effect of watching is amplified 10 times because all of those little moments when you would elbow or grab onto or mumble something in a friend's ear has to remain inside, so the emotional effect builds up to the point of bursting. Not that movies with friends are bad--especially after the movie when you're out to dinner and rehashing it--the point is that a lot of people don't like going to movies alone and I do relish it. One other plus side: if the movie's a weeper, and I'm not with anyone I know, the embarrassment factor goes way down, becuase I admit that I'm a weepy one, and it is SO embarrassing to cry in front of people I know, especially when you've cried in the last 3 movies you've been to, and especially if they aren't crying, especially if they're guys, or most especially if it's my dad, who laughs at me when I cry at movies.
I ended up the night on the winning side of a Cranium game (my favorite game) at a party. A splendid way to end the evening.

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