Sunday, December 12, 2004

New Chair

Tonight as I work at the computer, I am doing so in lush comfort, because yesterday I broke down and bought a new office chair for my house. When I had been out of college for about a year, I bought an 8' table and a dinky $25 office chair for my computer from Office Depot. The table is still here, although there are items besides its legs underneath helping to prop it up, but the chair had to go. It had been on its last leg since about two years ago--its early demise being prompted by my becoming a teacher and suddenly doing a LOT of work at home. The seat became unattached, so it would flop around, and I even fell out of it a couple of times, and all of the hours on a broken chair were doing a number on my back.
I did have standards for the new chair, though: I wanted adjustable arm rests that would go up and down, and I wanted an adjustable back. I've been seriously looking for the right chair for over a year--and yesterday I saw it, brought it home, and put it together immediately. And I am now blogging in the most heavenly comfort--compared to the other one, this is like sitting on a cloud.
So here's to another late night working...

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