Monday, October 11, 2004

Too yummy for a title

I just had the great joy and privilege of introducing ten teenagers (my 3rd year class) to the bliss that is Nutella. Y-U-M-M-Y, or, put simply in Italian, che buono! Every job should have moments as fulfilling as this. It seriously reminds me of the day before I came home from Italy when Roberta Z. made me eat Nutella crepes. I had sworn not to eat the stuff because of its devastating effect on waistlines. The crepes were good. I didn't make crepes for my students--we had Bistro Cornbread crackers, which are super yummy with Nutella. But to make up for it, they got lemon Loacker too. They had to earn it by using various forms of the partitive to ask for it. (Repeat: Vorrei un cracker con della Nutella. Vorrei qualche biscotto. Vorrei un po' di tutto.)

Which reminds me that a while back I was watching a Will and Grace rerun and Grace was smacking on some lemon Loacker. Hee Hee!! It wasn't a product placement at all--you had to recognize that bright yellow bag in her hand. And recognize it I did.

Well, I was pretty good and only had half a cracker with the Nutella stuck on the knife scraped onto it. Then I had my lunch of a sandwich, an apple, and some edamame. Now it's back to work. We'll see how long the Nutella stays locked in the closet.

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Super Smart Genius said...

Starbucks used to make chocolate ice cream with a Nutella ribbon. It was too good for this world and was thus was transported to the next where it awaits Melissa's arrival. In the mean time, I wonder: If you took your jar of Nutella into the Marble Slab or Cold Stone would they mix it in to your ice cream for you??