Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Little Miracles

This afternoon as I was doing some correcting after school, I had my door propped open and two of my former art history students stopped by to say hi. The first one had a locker outside my door last year so I used to see her all the time. (She was my student two years ago.) In fact, earlier today while I was standing in the hall between class changes I was thinking that I hadn't seen her for a while. She's the nicest girl and it was great to talk to her. A little bit later, another girl stopped by with a friend. I asked her how she's doing and she said that sometimes she misses art history class. That about floored me. I mean, I worked really hard on those classes, and I think that some students got to a point where they were thinking about art and were able to recognize basic formalist characteristics in it, but I didn't think anyone would ever tell me that they miss the class sometimes. That was so fulfilling because above all I want for my classroom to be a safe place where everyone has the respect and nurturing they need to have the confidence to learn. And I think that both of these students were responding to that more than they actually responded to the subject of art history. It was such a nice end to the school day.

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