Sunday, October 17, 2004

But I never wanted to see the underside of a semi

A lovely day today (yesterday now, I guess). Thomas and I headed for the hills for some autumn foliage viewing. On the way west, we stopped for gas and found gelato! The skinny's on the other blog (linked by clicking on the title of this entry). We then headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove south. We dodged random showers and some clouds, but found mostly sun and a lot of breezes causing showers of leaves to fall on us on our way. We did a bit of walking at a couple of spots. We found one overlook, Big Spy Mountain, which was better viewed from the hill that the trail didn't lead to. Then we found Crabtree Falls and hiked up partway, but darkness was starting to fall and I wasn't sure I remembered how to get back to the main highway and we decided to make sure we got out while it was still light.

Then we hit the traffic. BLAH! As soon as we hit Hwy 81, we were at a standstill. It took us two hours to cover the 8 miles to the next exit. Needless to say, we hadn't planned for that slowdown. At fault was a wreck almost to the next exit: what we saw was a tow truck attached to a semi on its side with its wheels facing us. Scary! Well, best guess was that at some point it was across most of the road, because traffic was so stopped for so long. After we'd been in the traffic jam for more than an hour, a police car came by on the shoulder. Another one followed half an hour later, along with a big-blinking-arrow-sign truck. It was so nice to finally pass it all and be moving forward. By the time we were arriving home, we had started to run out of music to listen to, and I had brought the music, so you know how long that takes.

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