Wednesday, October 27, 2004

All About Eve

No. All about Amilynne.
Amilynne is in class right now. She feels sad that I haven't posted many updates about her. She's right. I should definitely talk about her more.
We just spent a few minutes on the phone. Ami has seen I ♥ Huckabees. She reports that there is a Kafka moment and that it is the funniest movie in a long time. I must say that a Kafka moment is enough to get me into the theater, although I must also say that a Kafka moment is the reason why Amilynne and I should see this movie and our brothers should not. I do still need to see it myself. Something about fall and school, I tend to miss a lot of the shows I would really love to see.
Amilynne got to go see Senator Kerry do his campaign song-and-dance on Friday. She came away all signed up to help with the election. What a good little trooper Amilynne is! I've been looking at the Senator's website. His stance on education makes me hopping mad. He says that teachers aren't treated like professionals because they aren't paid enough and because they don't have enough responsibility. What? Not enough responsibility? Is that why I have to sleep for a week solid after school lets out for the summer? Because tonight I'm going to go see I ♥ Huckabees instead of writing the test I'm giving to my first years? Dad told me that Teresa Heinz Kerry said that Laura Bush had never had a real job. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure she was a teacher once upon a time. The Kerrys can take their opinions about teachers and shove it.
Sorry. I got off track. I'm writing about Amilynne.
Amilynne made me another mix tape. The one she gave me in August has not left my car stereo and is about worn out. I gave her some constructive criticism for this one: no Missy Elliott. Apparently she took the constructive criticism and I am looking forward to a real boss tape.

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