Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Red Skies at Morn...

... teachers be warned. I drove to work today with a most beautiful sunrise all around me. The skies were pink and orange and the trees in silhouette were still leafy and as I was crossing the bridge I thought how glad I was not to be a sailor.

Can I please be a sailor? No rainstorm, thunderstorm, or squall can compare with a roomful of 25 tenth graders taking the PSAT.

Gentile reader, you may wonder what tenth graders are doing taking the PSAT. Isn't that an eleventh grade thing? Well, I asked, and apparently all of the tenth graders are taking it this year too. What a waste of money.

You see, they haven't grasped the idea that standardized tests have a schedule and that they must be silent while they take them. There was also a guy who wanted to go to the bathroom as soon as I restarted things after the bathroom break. Too bad. If this had been an SAT session, I would have ejected about ten of them.

I wonder how much of a pay raise teachers could have had if they weren't wasting money having the tenth graders take the PSAT.

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