Sunday, October 10, 2004

3-Way Calling, Ad Infinitum

Tonight all of my family was on the phone together! First it was Dad and Ami and me, then David called and Dad called him back. We needed Alan! I tried to explain to Ami how to go get him. Dad and David kept talking over me... Ami eventually hung up on us trying to get Alan, so I took the opportunity while I was getting her back to explain the process to her without male intervention. ;) It worked, and we were all on the phone together. It was like Christmas.
The best part is that now that we've done it, there is no excuse not to do it again. I love talking with my family! We laugh and joke and have such a good time. I would say that the only thing better is actually getting together, but this does have some advantages: 1. No one is sneaking off to their room to read a book or to the family room to watch TV; 2. No poking (except mental poking); 3. It sure costs a lot less! Hooray for good phone plans!

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Super Smart Genius said...

Wow, what a thing to ponder infinity. Those of us who are Super Smart Geniuses often try to diagram such a broad, abstract concept. For example, were I a part of this calling chain, I would place Melissa's name in an octagon in the center of the page, from which would branch Daddy (in a circle) and Amilynne (in a star, for obvious reasons). Then I would branch David (square) from Daddy and Alan (briefcase) from Amilynne. I'm surprised that no one in your party thought to do such a Super Smart thing.