Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to wake up a sleeping bear without getting caught in its teeth

I'm putting together a new playlist to put in the alarm clock CD player - music that will be good for waking up to. This is tricky. If it is too harsh, even if it's a song I like, I will be grumpy by it and soon I will hate it. If it is too slow, I'll get introspective and I won't get out the door on time. If it's aggressive, I will be aggressive.

Here is a song that will almost certainly make it to the final cut. You knew Sir Paul could come up with something worth waking up to.

The Fireman - Sing the Changes


Izzybella said...

Can't do it. I cannot wake up to music because, no lie, there are so many songs I used to love that I now hate because they *#$&ing woke me up.

The obnoxious beep-beep is tried and tested. It doesn't want me to like it and therefore I can freely hate it's loud little obnoxious guts.

Don't destroy the music, coolest!!!!

Melissa said...

I think I am the opposite of you. I need something that I like to ease me out of slumberland, because a lot of the time, I can't convince myself to be interested in the waking world without it! My brain has to latch on to something it likes or is interested in or it will not get off the pillow.