Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to have a spectacular day

This may or may not be my favorite song. If it isn't my favorite song, I would be hard pressed to name for you a song that I absolutely like better. There are a few songs that I like as much.

One day in Genova, we were in a store that had a lot of stores connected to it. This fantastic world beat music came across the way from a music store. It wasn't this song - it was the first song on the disc with this song. I beat a quick path to the music store to ask what it was. Before long, I owned the disc. I'll admit that, contrary to mission rules, I listened to it before I left Genova.

I cannot sit still listening to this song. The words are of a fisherman trying to catch sardines, dreaming of his life if he could pull in the elusive golden fish. It's about the rhythm of the sea, and the traditional trying to make its way in the modern.

And it ends with a flute party.

And it's one way to set the tone for a spectacular day.

Fabrizio De André - Le accigughe fanno il pallone

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