Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Crash

There is a little story to tell. I have committed to a major purging in the house. I've lived here for quite a while, and to say that stuff has started to accumulate might not be strong enough to put it lightly. So there have been several trips to the dumpster, and yesterday I loaded my car up with things to take to Goodwill.

I had parked behind the apartment for easier access to haul everything up to the car. As I was walking up, two little boys were riding their bikes, and one hit the back of my car. The other boy spun around to see what had happened, saw me approaching with my arms full, and started taunting the smaller boy, who had been knocked from his much-too-big-for-him bike, "You hit her car! You hit her car!" He was pointing wildly at me to make sure the little boy knew he wouldn't escape. I got to the car and the little boy said, "I hit your car with my bike." I asked him if he was all right, since I had seen him fall over. He seemed none the worse. We talked for a minute, and he told me that the day before he had been in a car accident, which sounded pretty nasty, with his aunt. He kept saying that he was sorry and I kept trying to reassure him that I knew it was an accident. He walked me around to show me right where he hit and to show me that there weren't any dents. I honestly can't imagine that a little guy like that would have the power to do more than what a door ding would do. He showed me my tail light, and it was unscathed, and suggested that we check his bike and make sure it was ok too. So we looked at his bike, which was also fine. So he started to get back onto it, promising me that he would be careful. I said, "I know you will. Just keep your eyes open." At that point I about split laughing - he opened his eyes so so wide! He wanted to show me that he would not close them. The other little boy had his eyes wide wide open too, and away they went up the parking lot, circling each other to make sure they were both keeping their eyes open... too cute.

I just keep thinking about how big and scary cars were when I was a kid on a bike. I remember one time distinctly refusing to cross the street on my bike until a car had gone by, while the car was stopped waiting for me to go. The driver got out of the car and told me that she could see me and she would not hit me. I wasn't taking any chances. I knew she wouldn't hit me on purpose, but... they're not called accidents for nothing. The woman finally went on her way and then I did too.

Anyway. Stories and whatnot. I guess I'll go back to cleaning.


Ann said...

I love this story - I can just see those little guys from your description. And kudos for the huge purging job!!!

Izzybella said...

CUTE!!! Kids are the best. I still love the little girls who loves Harry Potter.