Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And summer starts to feel frenetic...

We are on week four of summer vacation, and I am starting to feel like it is running out. I even received an email from one of my high school students who is getting started on her summer assignments - if the students are prepping for back to school, time is getting short. To point, I bought school supplies today: a billion 2-pocket folders. Because if you give the students something in a folder, they know it's important. Obviously you can't use this trick every time, but for something that absolutely must not be lost (like summer assignments) it's essential. I'm also stocked up on kleenex.

Anyway, the clock is ticking. And I'm looking around the apartment I have been so dedicated to organizing this summer and I am wondering if it will happen. And I am looking at the crates of books to read this summer and I don't know who is going to read them, but it probably won't be me for a while. Progress is being made, but nothing is close to completion.

So would you like to read an oh-so-funny blog? Here it is: Catalog Living. The idea is that Elaine and Gary live in the catalog rooms, and their story unfolds. It definitely made me laugh.

How about a song that makes me laugh?

Gogol Bordello - American Wedding

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AM Woods said...

Those were both hysterical. Thanks for the laugh! (Although I really dislike the heat, I'm trying not to think about summer coming to an end for me.)