Thursday, September 30, 2004

Stove Top and Politics

John Kerry used the phrase "Islamic Muslims" in the debate! He also threw the word "kill" into the mix a few too many times, as in "hunt down and kill the terrorists". (Due process?) That said, Bush's domestic policies aren't working, we should not have raced into Iraq only to let Bin Laden escape (we all know exactly WHY Mr. Oilman attacked Iraq), and I'm angry that the national defecit continues to mortgage my future. Both candidates are idiots for putting the No Child Left Behind act into play-- (Nice concept--if it didn't fly in the face of IDEA, deny critical thinking skills, and act as cover for a huge movement to move public school monies into private schools.)
Enough politics.
Last night I was making Stove Top. Apparently they won a "best pre-packaged stuffing" award. But I have to wonder... is their stuffing the best, or are we just so innundated with it that we think that's how it should taste? Don't get me wrong. I adore Stove Top (except for the little dry onions that don't really blend in) but my dad's fresh stuffing is so good that I have to believe that someone could get a little closer to the real thing.
As a side note, tonight I called in about jury duty for the last time. They don't need me. Thank heavens! I have a test to give tomorrow.

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Super Smart Genius said...

I've tasted your dad's stuffing. Stove Top is better (sorry, Dad).