Thursday, September 23, 2004

Never Had It

So my favorite childhood (circa 6th grade) joke is ruined. Here it is:

Q: What do a nun and a bottle of 7-up have in common?

A: Never had it, never will.

And yet this summer a new 7-up appeared. A 7-up to compete with Mountain Dew. A 7-up with caffeine. And it's emerald green.

Emerald green! Thomas's roommate Rob had consumed at least a whole case of it, then last Friday or Saturday I was over and Thomas offered me a can with a glass. I poured it out and Rob just stared--he had previously had no idea of its brilliant sparkling color. I'm not joking when I say emerald!

Flavor? 7-uppy Mountain Dew. Limier to go with the color, maybe? And the label is upside-down. 7-up has been turned on its head.

Apparently the new 7-up is only available on limited release. We have it here, but it's not yet available back home in Idaho--the 7-up company is probably well aware of the backlash a caffeinated version of its caffeine-free flagship might encounter there.

What do I think? I'm just bummed that my joke is ruined. The nuns stand alone.

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Super Smart Genius said...

Actually, that joke was made obsolete back in the eighties by the short-lived 7-up Gold, which came out a bit after the far superior Cherry 7-up. 7-up Gold contained caffeine, was the color of urine, and didn't do much to promote sales. Thus all it really accomplished in the end was to debunk the nun/7-up myth.