Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another too-short weekend

I will say right now that if you are looking for sunshine and angels in this post it ain't here. It's 7:07am on a Sunday morning and I have just put in my second load of laundry. Yes, I woke up before 5:30, which is a bad, bad way to have a Sunday morning start. At least I'll have fresh towels when I get in the shower.
Teaching is tough on the system. In addition to doing laundry, I've spent this morning working on a Jeopardy game to review before a test I'm giving to my 3rd years. I still have lesson plans to make for this week. I spent yesterday trying to attack some really dry reading for my reading fundamentals class. The weekly journal on the reading is due in less than 2 weeks, and I need to post some thoughts on it on the discussion board. I hope when I'm a professor I remember that assigning a journal along with a discussion board both on the subject of the reading is redundant.
I admit that the one good thing about the text is that it has little glosses on the side about things to expect when teaching second language learners to read English. That is its redeeming factor, and it will most likely provide the subject matter for each journal entry/discussion posting. It also gives me something to think about on a foreign language teacher level.
Well, laundry needs to be moved and I've got a Jeopardy game to finish.

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