Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Back to "Normal"

School has started. All of the kiddies are back, syllabi are distributed, and now it's just how many months to June 22? Actually, it's funny how normal it all feels. Even though I have made an art of sleeping in all summer, it just feels natural to be back with the students. The first couple of days back are the best! It is so great to see the students you know, and the new haircuts, and the new glasses, and they are so happy to see their friends again, and anticipation is high. As a teacher, it is so hard to hit the right tone--to inspire both excellence and the fear of God on the same day, and to suppress my delight when students walk back in the room after a summer off. As icing on the cake, my homeroom students are finally juniors, which means they have learned to sit still. Hooray!
The school board implemented a new dress code this year: the students have to tuck their shirts in. So we spend the whole morning yelling "Tuck it in! Tuck it in!" before they go to class, then in class we say "Tuck it in! Tuck it in!" and between classes we yell "Tuck it in! Tuck it in!" and they think they can untuck the second they're out of sight. I am so hoarse. Hopefully my voice will heal and I'll be able to speak loudly all day very soon. The second the students are gone, I pull out big bunches of grapes for lunch because they are little bombs of moisture to soothe the throat.
In all, it looks like it will be a good year. My classes are smaller than I would have them, but it looks like a good year nonetheless.

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