Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Tonight I attended a free Arabic class. Hooray! I had such a good time. This is a beginner's class, which is good because I really don't remember any Arabic at all from my classes 6 years ago. But little by little as we went over the first 5 letters of the alphabet and some basic greetings, I started to remember things, and as I walked out my brain was quickfiring vocabulary. Ok, maybe not quickfiring, but a few synapses were reconnecting, and that's a great feeling.
The Arabic class is my reward for finishing my homework in my other class. Learning a skill like speaking a language is so satisfying--much better than reading about research or falling asleep to crazy made-up case studies. I have such a hard time staying awake with that! But with language learning, I always have something new to test my brain and to stretch my concept of the language. It's tremendous.

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