Friday, September 10, 2004

Hang the Jury

As though there weren't enough to do anyway.

It's the first month of school and I've been placed on alert for jury duty. When I got the first notice in July, I tried to be excused on the grounds that finding an Italian-speaking substitute teacher would be next to impossible. I also pointed out that I'm working full time and working on a master's degree. The case failed to convince, and I've been assigned.
I therefore spent a large chunk of time creating substitute lesson plans for use in the case that I am called. The problem lies in the fact that this early in the school year, there is just too much to do, and I will really have to re-do substitute lesson plans each week in the case that I am called. I don't want to be called, but it miffs me terribly that all of this planning is for nothing. How dare they place one's life in limbo!
Ok, so there are worse things that could happen than jury duty. But I still hold that teachers are serving the community better in class than they are in a courtroom, so at least during the school year, leave us off of jury duty, and we'll do our best to keep the students out of the courtroom.

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