Monday, May 03, 2010

It was a good day.

Today was a good day.

1. I didn't write any referrals.

2. I saw that there will be Shakespeare in Maymont Park in a couple of weeks.

3. I saw on the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts website that in the atrium they have a Sol Lewitt sculpture. :)

4. I saw #3 while I was looking on their site about the show they have coming up in conjunction with their grand re-opening after much remodeling--a Tiffany show. Can you hear the glory singing in the background? What better way to re-open a museum than with light and glass?


So since it is a good day, a good song is needed. Mind you, I'm not saying a "happy" song - I don't listen to "happy" music. In fact, my Pandora station has evolved into an endless procession of songs in minor keys. So keep in mind, it's a good song, not a "happy" one, because I really can't stomach much of that.

And you might as well know: I'm having an Eastern European/southwest Asian steppes moment. I'm starting to wonder about travel in Bulgaria and Ukraine and the western -istan nations. Which means gypsy music, but violin and accordion Balkan/Slavic gypsy music, not flamenco gypsy music, which is the gypsy music I have enjoyed for a long time. And DeVotchKa plays with this eastern style very well.

DeVotchKa - Such a Lovely Thing

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Izzybella said...

You know I'm most excited about Shakespeare in the Park, right? :)