Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tonight's Song - April 18

I am awake. Terribly so. I am tired enough that I should be asleep, but I have been awake since about 2:30 this morning, and I only slept fitfully before that. I think I am nervous because I have to speak in Sacrament Meeting today. I am not looking forward to it, and I don't feel like I have had time to flesh out my ideas - it has been a crazy week, so much so that I didn't even wake up Thursday morning until my first class had been in session for about 40 minutes. So I don't feel so put together these days, and speaking in church is only worsening the sentiment.

Why is it that when you feel like this you always run into something about how you're not just judged by whether you do something, you are also judged on your heart and WHY you are doing it? I wonder if my heart will ever be right.

Anyway, so I am awake. I read for a while, but I spent most of yesterday reading, so that didn't last long. Then I re-read a lesson I'm giving today (the teacher development course), and I finally decided to look for some music to listen to. And I decided to listen to The Temper Trap. They are awesome. And they have tonight's song.

The Temper Trap - Soldier On

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