Friday, April 09, 2010

Today's Song, or Maybe Yesterday's?

I woke up with this one in my head. Does that mean it is mad at me for not posting it yesterday, or is it really today's song? I don't know. We'll have to see if another song comes along and takes over for today.

On an unrelated note, yesterday I did some cooking with coriander and fenugreek, and a little star anise and cinnamon, and today the house smells like bacon and maple syrup. Urgh. So I'm thinking I need to cook something with rosemary to drive that smell out. The smell of bacon should smell good to me, I know, but after working in the beef jerky factory years and years and years ago, it's just one of those smells that doesn't go away fast enough - especially when it's like today, smelling like bacon without ever really having been bacon.

Anyway. Here is today's song, or maybe yesterday's.

The Rosebuds - Silja Line

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