Saturday, April 09, 2005

Some things that happened

What to say. It's been a notably long time since I last posted. Foreign language week came and went, spring break came and went, and the week after spring break came and went. 10 weeks to summer vacation.

I just phoned the apartment complex to complain about the idiots who moved in on one side of me. Their living room borders my bathroom, and they play their music so loud that the bass makes the fixtures in my bathroom vibrate. I went over a few weeks ago to ask them to keep it down. The evening I did that, the music was so loud that they couldn't hear me knock on the door, and the doorbell was apparently broken. So I don't feel like wasting my time pounding on their door. Over spring break I was sleeping in the living room so Amilynne could have the bed, and one morning at 3:00am their music woke me up and I had to pound on the wall. So anyway, today they're back at it, the apartment offices are currently open, and I called to complain. The girl said she'd send them a noise violation. I hate the feeling that I have declared war, but I'm really not the one who started it here. Besides. I'm in the part of my apartment furthest from their stereo, and I can still hear the bass and the rapper voice. I shouldn't have to live like this.

Did I mention that Amilynne came to visit? Wow we had a fabulous time. I miss her terribly. I'll post some pictures of the week. She got in to Washington on Friday and we went to the Mall and walked around a bit, but we crashed early at the hotel that night (but not until after we had shopped at Trader Joe's and eaten at On The Border--I do miss good Tex Mex restaraunts, as there are NONE here.) The next morning while I was in the shower Amilynne started to laugh hysterically--apparently CNN had a story on ways to destroy Peeps. (You know, the marshmallow chickens available in pastel colors at Easter time.) They showed methods of waging Peeps war. That immediately went on our list of Things To Do.

That day we did one of the coolest things of the whole week--the new National Museum of the American Indian. First we went to pick David up--he had caught a ride down with friends--then off to the museum. We could have easily spent the whole day in there. At noon we had finished the first exhibit, and we realized we would need to pick up the pace if we wanted to do anything besides the NMAI that day. We picked up the pace (with difficulty) and eventually made it out. Anyway, it was one of the many fun things we did, and I hope to post pictures soon to tell the stories with.

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