Sunday, April 17, 2005

Zoning Changes

Apparently I now live at a dance club.

I don't know when the zoning change went though to change this from an apartment building to a dance club, but the change has definitely taken place. I can't listen to music because it is drowned out by music from one or more neighbors' apartments. It's like I'm under assault 24/7. Last night I called the police about one neighbor. Today it's coming from someone else's apartment. Does this not disturb anyone else? I can't even think straight. Boom Boom Bo-Boom Boom. Boom Boom Bo-Boom Boom. And it's not just the bass-- it's the vocals as though I were playing this in my apartment. I'm going to go crazy. I even bought ear plugs, but they are no cure, becuase then I'm stuck listening to the bottled-up white noise pulsings of my head.

I am in Hell.

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