Monday, February 21, 2011

Why I'd Rather Be in Italy

Here is the winner of this year's Sanremo song competition:

Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami Ancora Amore

See, English can't do this. American culture can't do this. We are too fragmented. We look for 20-something idols, not for the paced wisdom and beauty of a poet-professor in his sixties. I know that Italy is not perfect, and that this song is based in many of today's urgent problems there - but hey. Let me wrap myself up in a culture that can produce such passion without withering, without looking behind its shoulder at those who would ridicule such a sentiment - let me wear my heart on my sleeve and face the winds that will come.

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Cheryl said...

I admire your optimism! I currently live in Italy and sincerely hope that your visits there have been more fruitful than mine is - it certainly sounds like it! A passionate country...I'm not so sure. But of course this is based on my own observations in a smallish town.