Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars 2011 - Red Carpet Now Underway

The pre-game show (red carpet) has been on for just over half an hour and I am considering turning off the TV.

You see, when the Academy Awards are on, I want the best of Hollywood glamor and glitz. I want to gape at America's de facto royalty. Movie stars. Maybe a couple of rock stars. And I do not care about:
  • Facebook-submitted questions from other schmucks like me who are not Hollywood types;
  • Seeing the green room;
  • Interviews with nominees' mothers;
and Most Of All:
  • A hoard of 5th graders in brightly colored T-shirts.
Yeah. I said it. When it comes to turning the Academy Awards into the People's Choice Awards, I'm not amused. We'll see if I have the stomach to see it through, but right now, it's a big thumbs down.

(P.S., though - Marky Mark was just on the red carpet and he is such a class act. Compliments unbounded to him.)

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