Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Steve Benson

Here we go.

Although I try not to make it the point of my blog, I am a person with very strong opinions politically. And the shootings in Arizona, with the senseless massacring of bystanders and the audacity to target the type of politician who doesn't pull bull-headedly to one extreme or the other, who seems to take public life responsibly and reasonably - well, it sends me to despair.

Thank heavens for the positive signs in the recoveries of so many of the victims, including Representantive Gabrielle Giffords. And to me, the best sign is the one in the Steve Benson editorial cartoon above: her ability to give a thumbs up.

During my last year of my undergrad work, my dad had to undergo brain surgery. Yes, his was more medical - probably due to a fall on ice - he was not shot. I can't imagine the horror. But I do remember these little things: after waiting by the bedside for hours, having the little hand signals. The news today reported that Ms. Giffords had tried to pull her breathing tube out. I remember my dad doing the same thing. He hated it. The worst thing for him was when they had to bind his hands so he couldn't pull it out.

So news reports about Ms. Giffords's condition leave me in tears because they bring back these memories of such a scary time. I was blessed to see my dad make a great recovery. I truly hope our her family will be blessed to see Ms. Giffords recover as well. I hope she will be fully able to return to her public life and that she would make that choice: we need her voice of balance now more than ever.

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