Saturday, June 05, 2010

Just music

Ok. I have found the perfect fusion music. The title of the album is Un turco napolitano a Venezia - a Neopolitan Turk in Venice. And it is a wonderfully balanced mix of middle eastern instrumentation and Italian (Neopolitan).

This is not the most middle-eastern song on the album. In fact, it sounds downright Italian to me. But it is a great performance.

Gerardo Balestrieri - O guappo 'nnammurato

Now the sound quality on this one is downright awful at times, but it is more the mood of most of the album. It's beautiful.

Gerardo Balesrieri - Maruzzella

Ok. Compare it to this. This album came out back in the day of cassette tapes, and it is still one of my favorites. It has a permanent place in my car. Anne Dudley (of Art of Noise) and Jaz Coleman went to Egypt to compose and record. The result was Songs of the Victorious City. No long road trips without it.

Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman - Ziggarats of Cinnamon

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