Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Throwing down Amilynne and her claims

On our first night back in Idaho Falls, Amilynne and I decided it was time to see who could win at arm wrestling. So we plopped down on the floor and locked fists. I got off to a quick start, and then we held . . . and held . . . until she started to cough, at which point I threw her down. Now. She claims that this was cheating. I do not. She is also now claiming that this cancels out the time she cheated at Cranium in Dallas. Absolutely not. That was blatant cheating. One does not pick a card, decide that that card is too easy for the opposing team, then shuffle it into the middle of the deck and pick a new card. All of which has nothing whatsoever to do with throwing down a coughing opponent while arm wrestling. Nice try, Amilynne.

1 comment:

Super Smart Genius said...

This Amilynne person sounds fabulous, and I should know, being that I am a Super Smart Genius. It is my well-educated opinion that you did in fact cheat and Amilynne was run afoul. I also believe that she shuffled the cards playing Cranium in order to challenge you to compete at her superior level. You should never question your betters.