Friday, August 27, 2004

AAAACK to Party Politics

Last night, instead of the Olympics (I should be shamed after the last post) I watched CSPAN. They were showing all of these insane ads going back and forth between the Bush and Kerry camps regarding Kerry's testimony before the senate in 1971. Then they showed what remains of the testimony in audio or video format.

Before I go further, let me say that this race is driving me nuts. I hate Bush! He is an arrogant right-wing bumbling fool! If I see him smile and throw his head back like a cocky jerk one more time I'll scream! I also hate Kerry! Could the Democrats have found anywhere a better chamelion to run for office? What does he stand for? He has voted for all of the same things that I hate Bush for (most notably, the No Child Left Behind Act)! It appears to me that in order to keep his job Senator Kerry has gone with the flow at every turn. Bush must be removed from office, but I dread seeing this opportunist take his place.

At any rate, I must say that anyone who takes offense at what Kerry said in his testimony would also have to be taking offense at the whistleblowers who said 'something is wrong here' at Abu Ghraib. These are the same atrocities. For anyone who is interested, here is the link to the complete testimony on CSPAN:

(I must add as an aside that it was interesting to note how some of Kerry's speech patterns have changed since 1971. He has definitely tamed some of his vowel sounds to sound a bit more everyman! A lesson Bush could use before he prompts us to rush into another stage of the war on terra.)

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