Sunday, April 28, 2013

No words.

I have wanted to post and I have started drafts and nothing has come off of my keyboard quite right.  It is a pitched time.  I have never felt so much like things are going along but still falling apart at every turn quite like I have this year.  So of course the writing does not want to come together.  Most recently, I have wanted to indict the idiots of congress who say things along the vein of "now the sequester is hurting normal Americans" when all the sequester has done is hurt normal Americans.  News like that causes bursts of insane laughter to come out of my shower in the mornings, because I cry enough over normal things that laughter is all that is left.

But I haven't been able to put it together quite right, and the moment has passed.

So today I am posting for the sake of the music.  Because for the first time today I came across this one.  Oh, Mumford & Sons.  Masters of the slow crescendo of intensity, and the crushing wave that is the full impact of the song's resolution.  I have no words.

Mumford & Sons: Home

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Kylie Jones said...

Stupid sequester I have to tale a 5 day furlough and I lost the $500 bonus I was supposed to get at the end of the school year!