Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation Time

So for vacation this year, there was some camping and some mountain time, but mostly there were the nephew and niece. Their mom spent some days working at their dad's office, and I got to be the babysitter. It was fantastic.

The days started out with a bottle for the niece and Sesame Street for all. And on the very first day, they played one of my very most favorite clips:

And this is the song I have been singing in my head for three weeks.

While babysitting, I also introduced the kids to the Carmen-singing orange (see the previous post below), which is the most brilliant clip ever on Sesame Street. Or on just about any show, for that matter.

So one day, the kids and I were watching clips on the computer when their mom came home. We were watching and singing along to Ricky Gervais and the Letter N Lullaby. Then they wanted to show their mom the orange. So we clicked to that, and as the orange started to sing, so did my niece. Never mind that the song is in French. She just made it up the whole way through. Although she hit the "La Moo" part as well as the best of us at that age! Her mom was doubled over in laughter, and I was stifling it pretty well, because with the little performer sitting on my lap, I didn't want to burst in to laughter and make her stop. It was terribly cute.

So now I am going through nephew and niece withdrawal. I can't wait until Christmas to see them again.

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