Sunday, March 28, 2010

No news

So I have nothing much to write about, but here I am and I would rather blog than get ready for the next week. In my defense, it's one heck of a week coming up - Foreign Language Week - including our Foreign Language Film Festival after school (in reality, it's been going on for a week already, but we show the Italian movie Wednesday), decoration and banner making in class this week, the Foreign Language Honor Society inductions and banquet Thursday night, and cooking with my Italian classes Thursday and Friday. So I have spent much of this weekend trying to figure out just what I want to do - which film I want to show (I've settled on The Icicle Thief), what I want to cook (NO IDEA), etc, etc.

I really do need to figure out tonight what I will cook with them so I can put together a grocery list for tomorrow evening. Last year we made crostata. I don't remember what we made in the year before; I think we focused on how to make a good red sauce; and two years before that we made risotti - cheese in most of the classes, and a seafood one in classes with older (and more daring) students. We made chocolate salami before that, and before that gnocchi, and spaghetti alla carbonara, and one year we made fresh pasta, which I would like to do again, but it makes a colossal mess and I know I wouldn't have 6th period cleaned up before the freshman orientation class came in 8th period. Because of that, it might just be chocolate salami time again - it's quick, easy, and fairly low-mess. But I did something sweet last year, so I haven't decided for sure. I'm also considering pasta with tuna sauce, because it's one of my favorites, quick and easy, and something very different from what any of them would consider. I could maybe do one batch tuna and another onion so the fish haters would still have something to nosh on.

Anyway, plenty on the docket for this week, and I have a feeling I'll have plenty to recuperate from when spring break hits.

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