Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reconnecting with lost family?

So spring break ended and yesterday in one of my classes we were talking about what we did over the break, and so I told the class that one of the things I did was buy tickets for my sister and me to go to Europe this summer, and without missing a beat, one of the girls says, "I didn't know I was your sister!"

Funny. I was cracking up for five minutes. This is my class of seniors, and they are hilarious. I love teaching seniors--they are so funny, and the world is theirs. Kind of the onset of the golden age of young adulthood. And the bunch this year is such a great group too.

Amilynne and I keep singing "I've got a golden tick-et" to each other... The passport application is in (so sad, because really my last passport had the BEST picture I've ever had on an ID!), now I've just got to do taxes so I can apply my economic stimulus money toward Italy's economy. (I'm sure I'll buy a couple of things here getting ready to go... So certainly China will get its share of it too.)

I was about to start ranting about this whole subprime mortgage thing. It makes me so mad! I don't think I will. Serenity now, 4 months to Europe, deep breath in and out.

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