Thursday, March 15, 2007

So I'm still up

and it's almost 1:00. I should really be asleep, but I'm not.

I'm trying to decide what to do with my summer. I had declared that this would be the summer of peace, and that really I would refuse anything that came my way. Now I'm faced with the opportunity to teach a class at the university and I am torn. On the one hand, who turns down decent income for a 5-week stint? On the other hand, I had promised myself a summer off. I keep going back and forth on it. There are a lot of things that normal people do to take care of themselves and their interests that I just haven't had a chance to do since September 2003. Not to mention that I have side projects (stained glass, painting, books to read) that could easily fill ten summers. I haven't been really truly creative since I started my master's and I really need to give that an outlet. Anyway, I have to decide by Friday. And I am absolutely torn.

And losing sleep.


Faith said...

Melissa, I'm really good at giving advice that I don't follow myself. So first I'd say to take the time for yourself. Because that's exactly what I wouldn't do.

But really what I'd say, and what I'd probably do, is ask yourself which you would regret most NOT doing 20 years down the road. And do that. 20 years down the road, will it matter most that you didn't take the summer off and reenergize, or will it matter most that you didn't teach that class? Only you can answer that question.

Either way, I hope you find some fulfillment.

I miss you, and I'd like to see you one of these days!!


Daryl said...

Hey Yalayla! Love your blog. You're quite the writer. Very entertaining. I'm excited about your new art blog that you're starting. BTW, have you heard of the band The Shins? Good stuff. I'll send you a tune if you're interested.