Sunday, May 08, 2005

Please, Please Pinch Me

I just woke up sobbing from the dumbest dream, a nightmare of epic proportion. NOTHING in this dream was based on fact except that it was about me giving a test to my second year class. Which, in a matter of fact, I actually am doing first thing tomorrow morning. Well, in this dream, it wasn't even the right class--one of the students had been switched out--and I had just distributed the test and sat down when a principal came in to observe. Now this was not a real principal. It was this young blonde thing in her twenties, all cute and critical. And suddenly the kids were rambunctious, talking and trying to get me to give them the answers and pulling out CD players to listen to. And the principal calls me back to tell me all of the things I'm doing wrong--her worry is that the kids take the class to casually, that it's too structured like hanging out, etc. etc. And I tried to defend myself, and she kept telling me what I was doing wrong, and finally I just yelled at her. I called her a nasty name and asked her why on earth she had chosen to come in and do my formal assessment right in the middle of SOLs, since I've been tied up in those for the past month, and no, right now I'm not the best teacher I could be, I can barely breathe I've got so much to do. Well, if I wasn't going to be fired for being a bad teacher, I figured I would be after that. She pulled a ladder up to a switch high up on the wall (that doesn't exist in reality) and played with something, then handed me my copy of the evaluation and left. I started to look at the evaluation. It was all about how cute my outfit was that day, and how if she had crayons she would draw a picture....At this point I woke up sobbing.
Then I came out to the computer and the screensaver was up--the screensaver I loaded to run in Italian--and it was running Spanish and French and German instead--I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.
Maybe it' s a good thing I don't have much time for sleep these days if dreams like that are what's going to happen.

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